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The Clinical Coding & Schedule Group

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The Clinical Coding & Schedule Development Group (CCSD) CCSD Board are looking for input with regard to the CCSD Schedule, the common standard of procedure codes and narratives that are used within the independent healthcare sector.

Requests for new codes, narrative changes and inactivation of codes come from insurers, hospital providers and clinicians. The CCSD Working Group is responsible for reviewing these requests and, in order to ensure that the code set accurately and fully reflects current practice, often seek the advice of clinicians from within their own organisations.

CCSD would like to improve the use of clinical expertise during the decision-making process, in particular by gaining the expertise of independent leaders in their field. This would involve consultants, from time to time, providing advice and guidance to the CCSD Working Group on coding requests within their particular area of expertise on a pecuniary basis.

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Clinical Excellence Awards 2019

The ACCEA 2019 applications will open on 7th February 2019 and is expected to follow a similar format to previous years. The timetable is extremely tight; the ACCEA closing date is 5.00pm on Thursday 4th April 2019.

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Thursday, January 17th 2019

JCIE: Applications to the Panels of Question Writers

The Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations (JCIE) has agreed that the ten Intercollegiate Specialty Boards would welcome applications to join the Panels of Question Writers for the Section 1 examination from colleagues in the SAS Grade.

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Saturday, December 1st 2018

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) is an association representing General Surgery and all its related specialities throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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