The prestigious Moynihan Travelling Fellowship, up to the value of £5,000, is available annually by open competition to Specialist Registrars towards the end of higher surgical training or Consultants within five years of appointment at the closing date for this application. The Fellowship is intended to enable the successful candidate to broaden their education and to present and discuss their contribution to British and Irish surgery overseas. It is not appropriate, however, that the award be used as part-funding for an off-service year of training.The Fellowship is open to ASGBI members and non-members; however, if a non-member is successful in getting the Fellowship then they will be required to become a member of ASGBI. Candidates must be residents of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland and they should be engaged in general surgery or in one of its sub-specialties. A full Curriculum Vitae should be submitted giving details of all past and present appointments and publications, together with a detailed account of the proposed programme of travel, costs involved and objectives to be achieved during the Fellowship.

Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend for interview by the Association’s Executive Board. The Board will pay particular attention to originality, scope and feasibility of the proposed itinerary. The successful candidate will be expected to act as an ambassador for British and Irish Surgery and should be fully acquainted with the aims and objectives of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and its role in surgery. After the Fellowship, the successful candidate will be required to provide a written report of their Fellowship for inclusion in the Association’s Journal, and to address a future ASGBI International Surgical Congress. A critical appraisal of the Centres visited, together with an assessment of how the experience will enhance future personal and professional development, should form the basis of the report.

Closing date for applications: Friday 28th September 2018.

Previous Moynihan Travelling Fellows

2018 TBA
2017 Mr Siong-Seng Liau
2016 Mr Stuart Mckechnie
2015 Miss Kaji Sritharan
2014 Anya Adair
2013 A Mirnezami
2012 M Duxbury
2011 T Underwood
2010 G MacKay
2009 G Garcea
2008 J Jansen
2007 D Lobo
2006 M Brooks
2005 G Buchanan
2004 S White
2003 M Douek
2002 Shirley J Fearn
2001 R W Parks
2000 M Thompson
1999 H P Redmond
1998 no award
1997 N J W Cheshire
1996 S Homer-Vanniasinkam and W Kmiot
1995 M L N Nicholson
1994 A H Davies
1993 J F Robertson
1992 N J M London
1991 B A Taylor
1990 D J A Scott
1989 J Stewart
1988 J P Neoptolemos
1987 D C C Bartolo
1986 P J Finan
1985 N S Williams and J H N Wolfe
1984 T F Gorey
1983 A Watson
1982 W E G Thomas
1981 no award
1980 J Collin
1979 R C N Williamson
1978 no award
1977 D C Britton
1976 T T Irvin
1975 G Bone
1974 R M Greenhalgh
1973 A P Barabas
1972 L H Blumgart and Averil Mansfield
1971 N R Batey
1970 R A Sellwood
1969 M Snell
1968 K P Robinson
1967 I McColl
1966 J R Cobbett
1947 J P Bentley
1939 R J V Battle
1938 A J Helfet
1937 V H Riddell

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