The BJS Travelling Fellowship was first awarded in 1979. Funded by the BJS, it allows the President to choose a distinguished surgeon from overseas to visit and report on surgical practice within acute general hospitals.

Exceptionally, surgeons from the British Isles have been invited to visit centres at home and abroad. The current value is £5,000.

BJS Travelling Fellows

2018Professor Bruce Ramshaw
2017Mr Mark Gallagher
2016Professor Dorry Segev
2015Professor Robert Padbury
2014Professor Richard Reznick
2013Professor Jonathan Fawcett
2012Professor Antonio Sitges-Serra
2011Professor Jorgen Nordenstrom
2010Dr Ari Leppaniemi
2009Professor Torben Schroeder
2008Professor John Daly
2007Professor Kenneth Boffard
2006Professor Barbara Bass
2005Professor Brian J Rowlands
2004Professor Bruce Barraclough
2003Professor Ernest Moore (Denver), Professor Jonathan Meakins (Oxford), Professor Eugen Faist (Munich)
2002Award used to fund a number of distinguished overseas speakers
2001Professor Abe Fingerhut
2000Professor Claude Organ
1999Professor Huug Obertop
1998David Theile
1997Professor Phillipus C Bornman
1996Professor Sir Michael Peckham
1995L P Fielding
1994Professor O T Terpstra
1993Mr M C Pietroni
1992V W Fazio
1991Professor P A Jones
1987Dr D Trunkey
1986Professor G L Hill
1985Professor S Bengmark
1984Mr N Taddeus
1983Dr R Egdahl
1982Professor J E Mullens
1981K A Kelly
1980Dr M Orloff
1979Professor V Marshall

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