Commencement Date: Shadow period (2018 – 2019) and then take over from 2019 AGM to 2023

Term of Office: A maximum of four years, renewable at the AGM.


The Association is a not-for-profit Membership Company limited by guarantee registered in England (No: 6783090).  As such, good governance and management are of vital importance, and the appointed Honorary Officers form the Executive Board of Directors of the Limited Company, responsible for ensuring that the Association meets the requirements the Companies Act (2006) and of Companies House.  One of the major functions of the Association is the delivery of an annual International Surgical Congress (formerly the Annual Scientific Meeting) and a Director of the Scientific Programme is now sought to lead this important function and to Chair the Association’s Scientific Committee.

The Post is appointed by interview and is for a period of four years.  The duties fall within those normally supported by the NHS and the Post does not carry any remuneration either for sessional re-imbursement to the employer or as a personal honorarium.  The time involved is difficult to quantify as this Post will evolve with the incumbent’s input and is likely to be onerous.  The main daytime commitment will be Chairing meetings of the Scientific Committee and attending the regular meetings of the ASGBI Executive Board, National Advisory Council, and other representative committees.

Description of Duties

*          To chair the Association’s Scientific Committee and to lead the development and to co-ordinate a portfolio of scientific activities and materials.

*          To liaise with the Specialty Associations and Societies in General Surgery and, in particular, to advise the President of the day and the Executive Board of Directors on the content of the annual International Surgical Congress in close association with the Director of Education

*          To report to and update the Executive Board, and the National Advisory Council, from time to time, on all scientific activities and any representative functions that the Director of the Scientific Programme performs.

*          To oversee the electronic submission, marking and selection of abstracts for the International Surgical Congress and to work closely with the Association’s staff over the production of the Abstract Supplement.

*          To oversee all aspects of the various scientific prizes and awards of the Association including the Moynihan Travelling Fellowship, the Moynihan prize, the John Farndon Prize, the Audio Visual Prize and all other poster and short paper prizes.

*          To ensure, in collaboration with the General Manager and Industry Liaison Manager, a rolling programme of venues appropriate for the continued development of the Association’s annual International Surgical Congress.

*          To be responsible with the Finance Director for the financial aspects of the scientific activities of the Association.

 Administrative and Office Support

*          Administrative support will be through the Association’s Office.

*          Travelling expenses will be in accordance with the Policies of the Association in force at the time.

Key Relationships of the Post

*          Reports directly to the President and works in partnership with the General Manager and other members of the Executive Board of Directors.

*          Works in partnership with the Scientific Leads of the Specialty Associations and Societies in General Surgery.

*          Works closely with the Association’s staff, including the Communications & Events Manager, the Industry Liaison Manager and the Membership Manager.

Membership of ASGBI Committees

The Director of the Scientific Programme is Chairman of the Association’s Scientific Committee.  Additionally, as a member of the Executive Board, the Director of the Scientific Programme is, ex-officio, a member of the following committees:

*          National Advisory Council.

*          Education and Training Board.

*          Website Management Group.

Application process

Appointment will be by competitive interview.  Applications, in the form of a covering letter and a brief CV, should be submitted by email to:

The closing date for the receipt of applications has been extended until midnight on

Friday 12th October 2018


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